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Dear coffee lover,

We are Kahvegibikahve, based in Istanbul/Turkey, a startup.

Our aim is to ease brewing real coffee. To save you time for your loved ones, work, art, writing, music, movie.

We produce single-serve coffee bags. We use specialty coffee and special plant based 100% biodegradable filters.

After grinding freshly roasted specialty beans, we fill them to Fiber Filters, than wrap them with envelopes that virtually contains no oxygen.

True coffee, minus the hassle.

Leave the hassle behind, brew your coffee and enjoy. Not just the coffee, the moment, that you live, doing things that you love, things that makes you, “you”.

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Sincelery, another coffee lover.

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Pick your pack
€0.98 per cup

Classical Pack

Pratik Filtre Kahve 10'lu Klasik Paket

100% Arabica beans

Fruity taste

Smooth drink

Power ⚡️ Pack

Pratik Filtre Kahve 10'lu Güçlü Paket

Intense aroma

High in caffeine

Bitter drink

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Brewed Coffee
Hot or Cold


For filter coffee, add boiled water, stir the filter, in 1-5 mins you coffee is ready.


For cold brew coffee, add water, brew in the fridge for 12-24 hours.